Who is City Artworks


Are you a teacher and/or artist interested in the rewarding opportunity to teach children the joy of art? We compensate instructors for their teaching time and provide time-tested curriculums, materials, support and training. Please submit your resumé to the attention of Melinda Miles at info@cityartworks.org and contact her at 713-681-1331 with any questions.


Time Sheet Form

Click here to download a Time Sheet for Payment.

Email completed time sheet to Melinda Miles: info@cityartworks.org


Supply Request Form

Click here to download the supply request form.

Email completed request form to Jeryl Schmidt: artsupman@cityartworks.org


CA Instructors attend two training sessions each school year where they receive information about lesson plans and class management.


CA Instructors teacher training session.


Former President April Gauss and Board Member Ella Park attend teacher workshop. Art Supply Manager, Jeryl Schmidt waits to speak.