Studio Art Classes


Looking for art classes for your children and the Art After School program doesn’t fit your schedule or needs? City ArtWorks offers hands-on programs held at the City ArtWorks studio. The Studio Art Classes are perfect for private lessons, home school students, merit badge programs, and more! City ArtWorks staff will work with you to customize the curriculum to meet your goals. Please contact us for more information about our Studio Art Classes.

Now is the time to get in touch to schedule an art enrichment program. We are delighted to provide programming for:

  • Private lessons
  • Home school groups
  • Merit and service badge programs
  • Custom workshops

Now Available: Studio Sculpture and Clay Class

Students will gain experience working with basic three-dimensional materials, such as clay and wood, paper, metals, and fiber. Upon completion of this course, students should be able to effectively manipulate multiple materials and create interesting and unique solutions to the inherent variations of sculpture and pottery. This class is designed to cultivate the students’ creative instinct, fine motor skills, visual artistry and creating something from idea to finished state.

When registering for a Studio Art Class, please choose “CA Studio” as the school location option during the registration process.

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