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Past Events


 The March 2016 CA Scene Armstrong & James Home Event

CA Scend 2016 Name Tag Logo  Photo of singer Dave Halston with Barbara Hammer, Patsy and Mike Andrews, Jack Hart and  Bott & Bott IMG_5755  Amy richards and friends IMG_5760Sue Shefman and friends IMG_5761  Barbara and Ken Isham IMG_5757  Cameron Armstrong, Terrell James and Jack Hart  Bott, and JoAnn Crassas with Gerald and Joyce Lott IMG_5758

Elina, Halston and Brier IMG_5750  Elina, Halston, Brier - FullSizeRender

The 2014 CA Scene & Arts-Y Gen Membership Open House

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Art Attach at Home

Art-Attacke-At-Home-1 17_Carol Ken Simon_edit 2_Barbara Hammer Gayle Collins Stefani Twyford_edi3 Elina_edit9_Michael Collins, Barbara Hammer, LaRoy_edit 6_Denise Campbell Carol Simon Julie Schouest_edit 19_Mady Annette Chantal_edit8_Ella Patsy_edit

Curators of Cool – May 29, 2014