About Us


We believe that when you open a child’s world to creative expression through art you give them the freedom to explore and interpret the world in a new light.


We are a leading visual arts education resource, fostering skill development and self-expression through creative programming, collaborations, and exhibitions. Guiding us in our mission are our core values:

  • Developing the potential of children through art classes and art education
  • Advocating art education and hands-on art experiences
  • Celebrating the diversity of the programs we offer and the staff, volunteers and donors who make them possible
  • Operating with accountability and transparency

Our Programs

Serving children across the Greater Houston area, City ArtWorks provides children’s art classes, art curriculum, and art events at public, private and charter schools, community centers and organizations.

City ArtWorks engages children in exciting hands-on art experiences. We provide accessible and affordable visual art classes by trained educators and artists, acting on our governing principle that children flourish when given the opportunity to explore their own creativity. Exposure to the visual arts can help children develop a deeper understanding of their world and social environment. Arts education directly and positively impacts a child’s higher order thinking skills, problem solving ability, and motivation to learn.

Established March 2, 1982

City ArtWorks was established on March 2, 1982 as Creative Alternatives to help address the reduction of arts education within the public school system. It launched its signature program Art After School™ to give students an opportunity to explore art in a safe, structured environment. Art After School™ began in 1982 with 6 teachers and 300 students from 12 local elementary schools. Creative Alternatives later became known as City ArtWorks.

City ArtWorks’ programs have expanded to include Art After School™, Summer Art Camp, Spring Break Art Camp, Studio Art Classes across 50 public, private, and charter schools and community centers. Additionally, City ArtWorks’ community collaborations provide art classes at low income apartments as well as therapeutic art sessions for patients at Texas Children’s Hospital. Today City ArtWorks serves over 1,500 young artists across the Greater Houston area.

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